Want to learn more about CrossFit training before getting started with us? Read about this way of functional fitness that produces amazing results!


Simple question, many different answers. We’ll start with the short (and official) answer:

CrossFit is a program of constantly varied, functional movements done at high intensity which leads to health and fitness.


Constantly Varied – You won’t get bored and your body won’t adapt. Lots of variation = lots of change. Be prepared for anything.

Functional Movements – Think Pulling or Pushing. Picking up a bag of groceries and carrying them all up 3 flights of stairs. We focus on the movements that the human body was built for and that you use everyday.

High Intensity – This is a matter of physics not opinion. It is about doing as much work as possible as quick as you can. What qualifies as “intense” is different for each person. Intensity is where the magic happens and according to the video below it will let you throw babies high in the air.

Intensity is NOT about:

  • Sacrificing form for speed
  • Yelling or grunting
  • Impressing everyone around you

Looking for more in depth discussion about what CrossFit is? The CrossFit Journal has some free articles on the subject. What is Fitness? and Understanding CrossFit are quick reads and serve as good primers on CrossFit methodology.

Constantly Varied

Functional Movements

High Intensity

CrossFit Etiquette

Here at Clipper City CrossFit we are big on proper etiquette. All of our meals are served with at LEAST 5 forks and we raise our pinkie’s in the air when we drink tea. We also do that when we do cleans.

With that in mind, below are a few tips to make your time at CCC enjoyable and productive.

    • Come a few minutes early. This gives you time to get ready and lets the coach know how big the class will be. It gives you time to get taped/socked/banded and all that other stuff that makes you strong. This way the coach doesn’t have to wait before the workout.
    • Take something out? Put it away. Simple one here. This helps your coach out and helps keep the gym looking good. Looking good is more important that you think…How is the gym going to impress other gyms? Almost forgot – this goes for your personal stuff too. We have a place for it and it is not the top of the 45 lb plates.
    • Introduce yourself to everyone. Someone new came today? Go say hi before class and ask all of those awesome CrossFit-get-to-know-you questions. You go to another box before this? First time crossfitting? What do you preacher curl? (Don’t ask that one).
    • Talk to your coach. About everything. All of your problems. Cat died? Let them know. Boss being a jerk? Sit them down and pour it out. Just kidding! We don’t have time for all that – but you should tell them your shoulder is sore or that your goal for the day is to set a new front-squat PR. This doesn’t have to be a conversation that lasts hours but a minute or two of pertinent information can give a coach enough to help you out during your hour together. Looking for a little more in depth help with something? Catch a coach when they aren’t about to start class; they love talking about this stuff.
    • Don’t Cheat. Dude your chest doesn’t have to get ALL the way up for a chest to bar right? Yes it does. Burpees still count if you THINK about jumping right? Nope. We won’t catch all those little misses but you will. Be honest with yourself. You want to count that janky rep? Thats ok but don’t make a habit of it. Be honest with what you can do and be proud that you are holding yourself accountable. It ain’t always easy – trust us.
    • Let it slide. Goes right along with #5. I know it drives you nuts that Matt over there said he squatted 400 lb but barely bent his knees. Especially since you squatted 395, but let it slide. You aren’t the whiteboard/form/rep police. Maybe he couldn’t even bend his knees the previous 3 weeks. Maybe he struggles with everything else but likes to put up at least 1 big number a month. Maybe his girlfriend said that if he squatted 400 lb….never mind. The point is to make sure you are worrying about yourself. You are the only person you are allowed to judge day to day. Do we get competitive? We sure do but as a rule…Let It Slide.
    • Give everything you’ve got – that day. For the one hour you’re here give all the attention and effort you can for that day. It is part of the “intensity” that we strive for here. Every day will be different and some days it will be really hard to even THINK about working out but we promise that if you give all you can each class magic will happen.
    • Egos. They say to leave them at the door. We would prefer you to bring yours in because a little confidence can work wonders but if it starts acting up its out! At no point should anyone in this box consider themselves more important than anyone else. Period. As for performance – We are all for big dreams. Just make sure you have a realistic route to them. The good news is we can help with that plan.
    • We start and end a WOD together. You finished in 2 minutes but people are still moving. It happens. Don’t start putting your equipment away. Cheer them on. Be encouraging. Take the time to sit on your weights and look cool. Everyone is doing their best – that is something to celebrate everyday. Put your stuff away once everyone is done. In a rush? That’s ok – just tell a coach and do what you have too.
    • Be Yourself. Seriously. A CrossFit gym can be an intimidating place but it is also a community. We like having all types of people here and we like getting to know all of them. It is why we do this. So relax, do the best you can and have fun.
    • Oh and with the chalk. You don’t need that much. Use less….less….now rub your hands together….There you go.


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